Hello! I'm Sam, a webdev based in Austria.

I started my journey into the worldwideweb as a trainee at the advertising agency www.wmuf.at, formerly known as Ricquebourg Werbeagentur OHG, in the year 2002. After I finished my first web project, I knew that I was done with PRINT and it was time to move on to SCREEN. I finished my apprenticeship as a media designer in 2006 and stayed at the company for another nine months.

When military duty was calling, I opted for the alternative service and managed to get a job taking care of disabled people for nine months. Quite an experience and an awesome time!

2008 had just hit when I created my own company www.web-creations.at. Here I developed my own CMS and several other services for some local companies. After about 18 months I sold the company to start working at Apospec Technologies in Switzerland. As a freelancer I was leading the development of a complex web client, capable of managing the customers' fleet - mainly tracking routes, IOs for all their vehicles - as well as their employees. The Application was challenging because we decided to build the client within ZendFramework 1 and there was almost no documentation available at this point. Not to mention the hundreds of national laws we had to consider for customers doing business all over Europe. The last official version we deployed was released 26 months after we had started the project.

It was time to say goodbye and take the next step of the journey. I started as a web application architect at MASSIVE ART WebServices, where my first project was the creation of a portal based on Symfony 2. A piece of cake compared to ZendFramework 1, since Symfony actually had a great documentation and community.

Two years later I switched to Montfort Werbung in the Principality of Liechtenstein. My task there was to set up a team for online projects and define it's workflow. Since some of my co-workers had some experience with ZendFramework 2 but hadn't laid hands on Symfony 2, we decided to use ZendFramework 2 for all mature projects. And we rocked it!

At the end of 2013 I decided to quit my work as a webdev and start travelling, explore music and do everything else I felt like.

So here we are, back as a webdev - ready and eager to create more fancy web projects.


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