introduction to Web Components

"Web Components is a suite of different technologies allowing you to create reusable custom elements — with their functionality encapsulated away from the rest of your code — and utilize them in your web apps."MDN web docs

Some browsers are still in the process of updating to support the standards for Web Components. In the mean time, polyfills simulate the missing browser capabilities as closely as possible.

You can feature-detect for the necessary browser features before loading the polyfills. This means that as more and more browsers implement the Web Components standards, the payload to run your apps and elements will decrease. The polyfills are available on GitHub.

Web Components consists of three main technologies, in particular custom elements, shadow DOM and more

how to use and customize TinyMCE5

TinyMCE 5.0 is a JavaScript based WYSIWYG editor, used for content creation. Today we explore how to implement the library and customize it for our own needs. more

how to use aos.js in your project

Today we take a look at aos.js - the Animate On Scroll library created by Michal Sajnóg. This Library is small, easy to use and perfect to create simple singlepages.

install/load AOS

If you are working with node.js you can install AOS using NPM:

npm install --save aos@next

Or yarn:

yarn add aos@next

Import script, styles and initialize AOS:

import AOS from 'aos';
import 'aos/dist/aos.css'; // You can also use  for styles
// ..

Or you can use a CDN service to load aos.css inside your <head> tags:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" /> more


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