pagination in your Symfony projects with the KnpPaginatorBundle

To list a large result set on your page can end up with long loading times and/or a confusing look. This is where pagination comes into play, it's a widely used concept to divide your content into clean blocks of data.

The KnpPaginatorBundle is a great bundle for pagination inside Symfony. The bundle requires Symfony >=3.4 and Twig >=2.0 if you use the twig templating engine in your project.

install KnpPaginatorBundle

The bundle can be installed using composer with the following command:

composer require knplabs/knp-paginator-bundle

If you don't use flex you have to register the bundle before you can use it. more

how to implement a database driven navigation into your layout within symfony4

Today we are implementing a database driven navigation into a Symfony application. My prefered way to complete this task is to create a Twig Extension in combination with LazyLoading to prevent overhead and initiation of unused classes. With this solution we have our query logic inside the repositories and the markup inside a Twig template to ensure a clean separation. As an alternative approach you could register your navigation as a service or simply render a controller method inside your Twig template.

install Symfony MakerBundle

I suggest you install The Symfony MakerBundle into your project to enable some awesome console commands that will make your day easier. If you haven't installed it already you can download and install the bundle with one simple command in your console.

$ composer require symfony/maker-bundle --dev

create a Twig Extension more


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